Two Observations From Alaska

Glacier Bay, Alaska

After a week in and around Alaska, I have two observations.

First, I’ve been surprised by how big nature is here. The views are expansive, the mountains omnipresent and the waters abundant. Look in any direction and then sweep to the right or the left and the horizon never disappoints.

Alaska is the largest state in the union, larger than Texas and California combined. It’s also the most pristine and unexplored. Roads and towns are few and far between, which leads to my second observation.

Second, I’ve been surprised at how small man is here. Alaska’s population is just over 700,00, and more than half live in Anchorage. I’ve been shocked at how few people live in the towns in which we’ve docked, towns like Skagway (862) and Whittier (182). Man has done little to take dominion over this state. His footprint is relatively small and insignificant. Continue reading “Two Observations From Alaska”