Musings Re: Religion

martiniI am not a big fan of religion.

I rarely even use the word.

The word has so much baggage. I think it’s better to just avoid it.

“Religion” evokes visions of lifeless ritual, rampant hypocrisy, and a cliquish incestuous culture, all of which is very different from the life and teaching of Jesus.

I grew up in a denominational church that was all about religion and very little about Jesus. It took a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting for me to hear the Gospel for the first time. I prayed that night, repented, and gave my life to King Jesus. For the first time in my life I felt clean and at peace.

A few years ago, someone at church chastised me for dropping my Bible to illustrate a point in a sermon I was preaching. He said my dropping the Bible offended him because the Bible was sacred. He later committed adultery and destroyed his family . . . . but I never saw him drop his Bible. Continue reading “Musings Re: Religion”