Is This Writer’s Block?


Ok, so I haven’t written all week.

I was determined to write tonight, so I sat here and looked at this blank blog page until I got bored with my lack of creativity and began surfing the internet looking for ideas. I didn’t find any.

I read about the mole from Fox News who was finally discovered and outed himself. Interesting, but no idea for a blog post.

I read about jury selection in John Edwards’s criminal trial but thought anything I might write about his narcissistic adulterous escapade, his love child, or $400 haircuts would sound self-righteous…see….so I passed.

Then I started reading reviews of the movie, Blue Like Jazz, that opens in theaters tomorrow, but I can’t really write about that until I see it.

Now, I’m just sitting here looking blankly at my blank computer screen and my cat, Godfrey, who’s sitting on my desk looking at me wondering why I’m looking blankly at the computer. It’s a regular potpourri of blankness.

So, I’m surrendering and going to bed where I can stare blankly at the backside of my eyelids. GS

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