Miracle or Fairy Tale?

As a trial lawyer, I’ve spent my career learning how to tell when someone is lying to me.

Having now practiced law for over twenty years, I’ve developed an ear for the truth. It’s an important skill, particularly when working on a contingency fee.

When I take a case I’m taking a risk that could involve as much as three years and $125,000 of my time. If I can’t tell a potential client is lying to me before I take the case, by the time I do, my loss can be substantial.

I found it interesting then when reading the story about the blind man whom Jesus healed in the Gospel of John, that I came across a certain verse.

You remember the story. Jesus heals a man blind from birth. Everyone, his friends, family and even the religious leaders knew he had been blind from birth, and yet, after Jesus heals him, they realize he can see.

The religious leaders begin questioning the man about who he thinks Jesus is, and in the course of answering their questions he says this:  “Since the beginning of time it has never been heard that anyone opened the eyes of a persons born blind.” (John 9:32).

Now, a common view among non-Christians is that the Bible, particularly the Gospels, are a collection of fairy tells. They say this because of the miracles recorded in the Gospels.

That’s why I love this statement in John 9:32. It has the ring of truth. Let’s face it, this is not something one would think to say if they believed in fairy tales.

And if no one could remember a blind man being healed, we can trust that John’s recording of the healing was not borne out of a naive worldview but evidence and hard fact. GS

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