When an Eclipse Meant Something

Like many Americans, this past Monday I gathered with others outside to experience the eclipse.

Where I live, we only had about a 75% eclipse, but it was still interesting to watch it get semi-dark in the middle of any otherwise sunny day.

As you know if you have been following this blog, three weeks ago, The Wife and I returned from our Reformation Tour in Prague and Germany.

While there, I had started reading the letters of Jan Hus. While I was on the treadmill yesterday I was getting toward the end of his letters and came to the point in his life where he was jailed in Constance, Germany and was getting ready to make his first defense before Sigismund, King of Germany, just a month before he would be burned at the stake. In introducing the letter Hus wrote that day, the editor mentioned that:

“On the 7th Hus was again brought before the Council. The friary was surrounded by the town guard, and at an early hour the Council assembled for Mass. While this ritual was proceeding the sun was eclipsed, to the consternation of all. An hour later, about 8 A.M., Hus was brought before before the court.” Continue reading “When an Eclipse Meant Something”

Holy Spirit Inspired Management

I’ve written much here regarding what it means to be an employee and work empowered or inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I have not addressed it though specifically from the perspective of management.

Today, at church, I was speaking with one of our elders who was struggling with managing a subordinate with whom he had become increasingly frustrated.

He had not said anything to the subordinate but instead tried to be patient; then he got frustrated and had to control his emotions when he did finally talk to him. Continue reading “Holy Spirit Inspired Management”

On Illegitimate Businesses

While I was on our Reformation Tour, I received a text from my office that a topless bar wanted to hire our firm to represent it in a wage and hour dispute.

We have represented individuals in lawsuits against topless bars in the past, and have succeeded in helping put a few of them out of business.

In the last few years, though, our firm has started representing more businesses in employment law litigation.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take me long to respond to whether we should represent the topless bar: “Pass”, I texted. Continue reading “On Illegitimate Businesses”

Reformation Tour—Day 4

Handel’s Messiah in Mozart’s Hand

Our only excursion today was to the Lobkowicz Palace.

The Lobkowicz family can trace their roots to the 14th century. They have survived the Thirty Years War, the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Nazis, and the Communists.

In the process they became patrons of the arts and amassed one of the most impressive collections of art in Europe.

The highlight for me was the original manuscript of Mozart’s reorchastration of Handel’s Messiah, written in Mozart’s own hand.

The Lobkowicz family provides a nice metaphor for for the Church. They have lived under numerous political systems and rulers, survived them all and have prospered, and in the process they elevated the culture in which they have lived. Continue reading “Reformation Tour—Day 4”

Working Empowered By The Holy Spirit

I’ve written here before about the importance of working empowered by the Holy Spirit because it ensures God’s presence in our work.

But in what ways can the Holy Spirit empower us in our work?

Fortunately, in entrusting the interior design of the temple to a couple of workers and then filling them with the Holy Spirit to complete the task, the Lord has provided us with some real insight on how the Holy Spirit can empower us in our work.

The account to which I am referring can be found in Exodus chapter 35: Continue reading “Working Empowered By The Holy Spirit”