How Christians Should Journal

In my last blog post I explained why Christians should journal. As I explained there, Christians have reasons to journal that non-Christians do not. But that leaves the question of how should Christians journal?

Sure, you can journal to express your innermost thoughts, practice your writing skills, or for the mental health effects of reflecting on and recording one’s life. But Christians have a higher calling: (1) their own sanctification; and (2) the expansion of the kingdom of God. Matthew 6:33.

Christian journaling-let’s call it Kingdom Journaling-fulfills these twin purposes that Jesus commanded should be our primary focus. That being said, here are six things to write about in your journal.

Write what you are praying about. It will help you see how God answers prayers and will help build your trust in Him. It will also give you a perspective when you look back later and see the kinds of things you prayed for when you were younger, and why perhaps God not give you what you asked for.

Write what God tells you. The Lord speaks in other ways than an audible or subaudible voice, though He sometimes does that. If He illuminates a particular Bible verse that speaks to you, write it down and state what you thought He was saying to you. If someone gives you an encouraging word, a word of knowledge, or prophecy, write it down. Down the road these entries will remind you how God guided the path of your life.

Write about your sanctification. Sanctification is a process. By writing down your struggles you will be able to look back some day and see how the Lord helped you overcome in being conformed into the image of Jesus.

Write about making disciples. Write about those you are praying for to become Christians, those you are witnessing to, and those you are mentoring in their walk with Jesus. It will help keep you be accountable with those the Lord has impressed on you to reach and will encourage you in the future when you look back and see how God worked through you to change the lives of others.

Write about what God does in your life. My journal is filled with me thanking God for the good things He has done for me. It makes the invisible God visible in my life through the manifestation of His goodness in the natural toward me.

Include newsworthy and family events. They will become sign posts that will remind you what was going on around you at the time the other things you are writing about happened. It will give your story context. The kingdom of God encompasses the natural and the spiritual and so should your journal.

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