NY Times Says Sheen Has Demons

In a rare departure into the realm of the supernatural, the New York Times, the American rag of record, declared recently that Charlie Sheen has demons.

This startling revelation came after Sheen made a number of outrageous statements in interviews in response to CBS suspending production of his hit sitcom Two And A Half Men.

In the story, the NY Times stated that people who have worked with Sheen  note his “almost otherworldly degree of likability despite his demons.

The NY Times does not say how it determined Sheen has demons, but knowing the thoroughness of the typical Times reporter, GSB suspects there are least two independent sources.

Sheen, when questioned about the Times’ article responded, “Me, demons? Ask that reporter if he has two twenty-something love goddesses living with him.  I’m winning baby! I’m winning!” GS

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