What I Love Most About My Wife

There are lot of reasons I love my wife.

She is beautiful, selfless, smart, witty, full of life, and a much better person than I deserve. And I almost forgot, she likes me, which is another reason I love her.

All these things I’ve listed are important and are probably things that everyone looks for in a spouse. None of them, however, are the most important thing I love about my wife. The best thing about my wife is she loves the Lord more than me.

I know this sounds kind of backwards, particularly if you are not a Christian.  The idea of encouraging your spouse to love someone more than you is not an idea you would come to on your own, but it’s the only sound foundation for a marriage.

Security in a marriage does not come from the love people have for one another. If that was the case the divorce rate in America wouldn’t be sixty percent, or whatever it is. I trust in my wife’s love for me because I know she loves the Lord, and I know the Lord will tell her to love me even when I’m not the best I can be, and when my striking good looks, charm and winning ways aren’t so good, charming and, well, winning.

I suppose all this may seem self-interested; I love my wife because she loves the Lord, and that makes her love me more. It probably is, and I admit I am self-centered, but you know I’m working on that, and while I am, I’m confident the Lord is telling my wife to be patient with me, which just make me love her more. You get the picture. GS

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