Israel Tour Journal: Day 9

The Valley of Elah

Today was our last day touring.

At the Road to Emmaus we learned how the travelers on the road with Jesus finally recognized Him.

At Zorah, west of Jerusalem, where Sampson lived and fought with the Philistines, we learned what parenting mistakes bred rebellion in Sampson and why he is not a Biblical character we should look to as a role model.

At lunch we learned why you should not put olive oil on schwarma when it is wrapped in a tortilla. We learned this by experience with no help from Arie. The manager was nice enough to offer to clean up the table.

At the Valley of Elah we learned about leadership by understanding the topography and dynamics of the battle in which David killed Goliath. We learned this from a mountain overlooking the battlefield.

After dinner we gathered to say our goodbyes to Ji and Arie, thank them for making this a wonderful trip and to pray for them. We also said goodbye to the new friends we made on this trip and whom I’m confident we will see again in the future.

By this time in a trip, Cindy and I are usually ready to go home. Strangely, neither of us feel that way. Not sure what that’s about, if it’s the rhythm of life we settled into here, the people or the country itself.

When we began this trip I thought this would be our last trip to Israel. Now I’m not so sure. There is so much more to learn. GS


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