UK Kingdom Travel Journal—Day 1

The UK Kingdom Travel Journal tour is underway.

As I write this, we are somewhere over the Atlantic on our way to London.

We will start in England from a base in Oxford as we examine the Kingdom history of England. From there we will journey north, ultimately into Scotland where we will examine the Kingdom history of Scotland.

By “Kingdom history” I mean those historical events in which King Jesus is conspicuously engaged in the advancement of His kingdom on earth.

So, we will be concerned with the first missionaries to England and Scotland, the England and Scottish Reformations, and more recent world-changers such as William Wilberforce and C.S. Lewis. As always, we will be interested in those people whom King Jesus has used to further advance his kingdom toward its inevitable destiny the tree in whose branches the nations of the earth nested.On this tour, I will be joined by The Wife. Besides her irreplaceable companionship, warm, and winning ways, The Wife will function as a special consultant on British history and as an expert on Oxford, where she lived for 18 months while helping start a campus ministry and plant a church in 1979-80. In exchange for her faithfully performing these duties I will reward her by continuing to let her hang with me.

The GSB team also welcomes some new travelers on this tour. One is the chief church growth strategist for one of the fastest growing church planting movements in the world, which obviously means he must be pretty good at his job. We will refer to him as Dr. H to protect his reputation and the GSB from any libel actions. His wife is a former Ms. Tennessee Tech with lots of personality, tempered with a southern charm.

Now, I am going to settle into some first class accommodations courtesy of Sir Richard Branson and try to get some sleep so I can be ready tomorrow to dive into the world of Tyndall, Wycliffe, and C.S. Lewis at Oxford.

Until then. GS

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