3 Things I Learned Being Bi

Last year at this time I was completing a year of being bivocational. What did you think I meant by “bi”?

Through an unusual set of circumstances that began with my church losing its pastor, I ended up leading our church for a year until we found a new pastor.

Between a full-time law practice and preaching and other responsibilities at the church it was quite a challenge. Now, a year removed from my year being “bi”, I thought I would share with you three things I learned.

1. A balanced life should not be your goal. That year my life was anything but balanced. In the process of losing balance, I discovered it (balance) was merely a construct I tried to impose to increase predictability and reduce stress. Thing is, I don’t see it in Jesus’ life. I see Jesus stealing away to pray all night after the disicples have gone to sleep. I see Jesus walking one direction until someone petitions Him and He immediately goes in a different direction. I don’t see balance, predictability and repetition.

2. Be totally engaged in whatever you are doing at that moment. If I had spent time worrying about everything I had to get done that day or week, I would have been paralyzed with stress. To be worrying about one thing while doing another is to ensure one does neither well. While I’m not sure this is what James meant with his warning about being “double-minded” (James 1:7-8), the principle is the same. The busier you are the more important it is to stay in the present.

3. God’s grace is sufficient for what He’s called you to do. I’m not referring here to the forgiveness-of-sins grace but the supernatural-enabling-grace that empowers one to to do more than one could do in one’s own strength. I know this sounds trite and canned, but God’s grace was by far the most important factor in me being able to fulfill my responsibilities in the church and my law practice. It was like walking on a moving walkway in the airport. You take normal steps but each takes you twice as far.

Grace is the solution for the unbalanced life, or to put it another way, grace is the solution to being bi. GS

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  1. Hi, years down the line and yet such a gift for me now. I have been struggling with time and praying for help. God is faithful! thank you for the message

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