A Question For American Christian Voters

You own a gas station and you want to hire someone to manage the station and its employees.

One applicant has a good resume but has been accused of sexual harassment by four women. Would you hire him? Of course you wouldn’t. No one in their right mind would.

And yet, well-meaning committed Christians across America are still debating whether to entrust Herman Cain with the most important job in the country.

When Bill Clinton was accused of sexual harassment and marital infidelity Christians were quick to remind the world that character mattered. The Clintons blamed the “vast right wing conspiracy.” Today it’s the secularists who are talking about character while Christians blame the “biased media” for smearing Cain.

If character matters, it matters regardless of whether the candidate is a Republican or a Democrat.

As long as Christians are willing to prostitute their values for a chance at power, they’ll have no more credibility in the public square than the secularists. They’ll be seen as lovers of power, not lovers of Truth.

I’ve avoided endorsing or criticizing candidates or political parties on this blog, and I don’t intend to change that policy. This post is not intended as a comment on Herman Cain’s politics. It is intended to be a criticism of Christians who approach politics the same way the world does, and in so doing advance the world system rather than the kingdom of God. GS

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