Reformation Tour—Day 4

Handel’s Messiah in Mozart’s Hand

Our only excursion today was to the Lobkowicz Palace.

The Lobkowicz family can trace their roots to the 14th century. They have survived the Thirty Years War, the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Nazis, and the Communists.

In the process they became patrons of the arts and amassed one of the most impressive collections of art in Europe.

The highlight for me was the original manuscript of Mozart’s reorchastration of Handel’s Messiah, written in Mozart’s own hand.

The Lobkowicz family provides a nice metaphor for for the Church. They have lived under numerous political systems and rulers, survived them all and have prospered, and in the process they elevated the culture in which they have lived.

Charles Bridge from Kampapark Restaurant

We had dinner at Kampa Park, a fine restaraunt on the west bank of the Vltava River next to the Charles Bridge. As you can see from the pic, the view is stunning.

I must mention, because I threatened to do so, that as we sat at our table waiting for our taxi, we all became thirsty, parched even. Ann was ready to purchase another bottle of water while we waited, but the couple at the table next to us finished and left a half full bottle of water on their table.

The Wife suggested using their bottle of water, Ann double-dog dared her, and before I knew what was happening The Wife was pouring everyone water. They all drank, while I challenged them with the ethics of what they had done.

Terri, Ann’s friend, who joined the GSB tour yesterday, said that it was no different than eating food out of the trash that had been paid for by someone else and discarded, which was not a bad argument.

I replied, “So what you are saying is you all are not thieves but bums?” At that point our server arrived with complimentary water. Feeling vindicated that the Lord had provided without me having to resort to thievery or bummery, I drank with a clear conscience.

Such is a travel tour with the GSB team. Moral dilemmas accompany the joys of travel and discovery and must be traversed as surely as the terrain over which we travel, and fortunately for the rest of the team, I am here to help them in both respects. GS

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