Great Awakening Travel Journal-Day 5

Hanover & N. Bennett, where Cotton Mather once lived

A Covid test, a Covid test; My kingdom for a Covid test. Most of the day the GSB team spent trying to figure out where to find a Covid test we could take before crossing the border into Canada that satisfied the Canadian requirements for entry and the U.S. requirements for reentry.

You would think the requirements for entry into Canada and reentry in the U.S. would be clear and easy to find in the midst of a pandemic. To the contrary, it took three highly educated people, one a lawyer, the better part of 7 hours of discussing, researching, calling, and Googling to figure it out.

Finally, The Wife, a fount of common sense, noted that people crossed the border at Niagara Falls every day, and that was the place we should look for a rapid Covid test that satisfied both governments. Sure enough, after five minutes on the internet, we had our answer.

Fortunately, much of the work was done over some wonderful Italian food in the North End not far from where Cotton Mather once lived (see pic above). I should also mention that we are all three vaccinated, and we can thank Cotton Mather in no small part for that. Rather than pretending the Small Pox Epidemic did not exist, Mather set out to find a way to turn back the curse of the Fall of Man that initiated such deadly viruses. For that, Mather is a Kingdom hero.

So, now you know, we are headed to Niagara Falls. What does that have to do with the Kingdom and Kingdom history? You will have to wait and see.

Tomorrow, we leave Boston and head west. GS

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