Large Marge & Finding God

 Margerie Glacier, Alaska

I’ve been on an Alaskan cruise for the past week.

I considered blogging a travel journal, as I have before on trips to Israel and Turkey, but I couldn’t figure out the Biblical angle. After all, this blog is dedicated to all things Kingdom.

I’ve heard people talk about God on this trip, as people often do when they are out in nature and see the beauty of His creation. I wonder though whether people who discover God in nature ever think about him at any other time. If you have to see a mountain to think about God, you probably don’t know Him.

Our tour guide through Glacier Bay yesterday suggested we ask ourselves what the surroundings said to us. She was vague and relativistic, which is very popular these days, except with those who believe there is something being said.

I’m not saying one cannot see proof of the Creator in majestic natural settings. Yesterday, we cruised up to the face of the Margerie Glacier—tagged by yours truly as the Large Marge Glacier (see image, captured with my iPhone 4)—and it was awe-inspiring. An ice-cube suggests a bartender; a glacier, God.

But Large Marge, for all she might have suggested about God the Creator, didn’t say anything about Jesus, and no one finds their way to the Creator without going through Jesus.

If you want to get closer to God, don’t come to Alaska. Ask someone who knows Jesus. It’s a lot cheaper and a lot more effective. GS

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