Some Changes

You may have wondered where I’ve been for the past week.

Actually, I’ve been right here, but I’ve been thinking through some changes I need to make.

Over the past nine months, I’ve blogged about 25 times per month. It generally takes me 60-90 minutes to do one blog post. That translates into 6-9 hours per week.  The problem is that while I’m not short on self-discipline and perseverance, one thing I have a limited amount of  is time.

I currently have a full-time law practice, I’m an elder at my church–a young church that is really starting to take off–and I’m in the process of writing a book, as well as revising a book I’ve written.

I try to read fifty books each year, but at this point, because of the blogging pace I’ve set, I’ve not had time to read much at all. And as any writer knows, when you stop reading you are depriving your creative engine of the fuel it needs.

Also, because of the rate at which I’ve been blogging, I’ve not been able to spend time writing this new book. Blogging has even started to cut into my daily time reading the Bible and praying. Blogging was supposed to be something that helped me in my writing, but the pace I’ve set has begun to have the opposite effect by making it impossible for me to finish the book I’m writing.

So,the plan is for me to cut back on the blogging to about three times per week. I’m going to realign my priorities and get back into my exercise, reading and book writing routine. The blog posts will probably come more sporadically, but I’m hoping the posts will be more inspired and still serve and hopefully bless you.

What I’m really hoping is that these changes will enable me to get back to fulfilling the calling I have as an ambassador for the Kingdom. GS

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