Viking Travel Journal Reading List

The GSB team is preparing for our next adventure into Kingdom history.

This adventure will focus on the conversion of the Vikings and their subsequent evangelistic efforts.

We touched on the Vikings last year in our Scotch-Irish Cruise Journal.

Our mode of travel will be one that has become our most common and favorite for meeting our travel journal needs: a cruise.

This cruise will start in Norway.

We will travel to the Faroe Islands, and end in Iceland.

As with all our GSB journeys, I have provided our team with a reading list to prepare for the Christian history and sights we will see. Here is the list:

  1. The Last Apocalypse, James Reston
  2. Olaf the Glorious, A Story of the Viking Age, Robert Leighton
  3. Thorlak of Iceland, Aimee O’Connell
  4. The Vikings, Frank R. Donovan
  5. The History of Iceland, Gunnar Karlsson

We hope you are will follow along on our journey.

We leave in about a week.


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