Long Crowned King, Then Abdicates

For those of you who haven’t heard, I’m sorry to say Eddie Long is back in the news.

The last we heard of him the good bishop was settling lawsuits with four young men who claimed Long had coerced them into sexual relationships.

More recently, it was reported Long participated in a ceremony where a Jewish rabbi wrapped him in a Torah scroll, declared him a king and carried him around on a throne in front of his congregation.

Apparently Long’s conscience (and perhaps his congregations’) is already seared to the point of numbness because it took the Anti-Defamation League to convince Long his actions were offensive to Judaism. He apparently has now apologized to them, i.e. the Anti-Defamation League. Whether any other apologies are forthcoming remains to be seen.

I’m reminded of the crusader, Godfrey de Boullion who in response to his followers’ demands that he be declared king of Jerusalem refused, asking how he could be crowned king in a city in which his Savior wore a crown of thorns. My guess is Eddie Long has never heard of Godfrey de Boullion. I wonder if he’s heard of Jesus. GS


2 thoughts on “Long Crowned King, Then Abdicates”

  1. I have a scripture for Mr. Long. “So Jesus, perceiving that they were coming to take Him by force and crown Him king, withdrew again to the mountain by Himself to be alone. John 6:15.

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