For Singles Only

When I was single, like most singles I hoped to get married one day.  At some point, I began to pray for my future wife, even before I knew who she was.

I prayed that she would have all the characteristics I wanted in a wife.  The list was long and the bar set high.

One day while praying for my future wife a thought hit me, a thought I am convinced was from the Lord.  Thoughts so piercing and objective about ourselves rarely originate from within.

The thought was that instead of praying that my wife would have all the characteristics I wanted in a woman, I needed to begin praying the Lord would make me the kind of man worthy of the kind of woman for which I was praying.

So, I put away my list of demands and began to look at what I needed to change in my life to make me worthy of the kind of woman I wanted to marry, and before too long she showed up.

That was twenty years ago, and we have lived happily ever after…except for that time she accidentally left my favorite irreplaceable tweed jacket in Scotland, but I forgave her for that.

So, as in all things, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. GS

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