Carolingian & Crusader Travel Journal: Preparation

We are now only two days away from departing on our Carolingian & Crusader Tour.

These are always the busiest days at work as I try to to get two weeks ahead on everything at work so I can truly relax on the trip and not be distracted by what needs to get done at work.

I’ve written here before about how I pack for study tours like this one. I plan to do the same this time.

I don’t expect language to be a problem. The wife speaks French fluently and I’ve learned how to say in French, “I’m very sorry but I don’t speak French” and “Do you speak Spanish?” (my second language). At least if I offend the French by not speaking their language they will curse the Spanish rather than Americans. It’s my contribution to the struggle to eliminate the caricature of “the ugly American.”

Seriously, the last time we were in France I was surprised at how many people speak English, and generally, if you ask in French if they speak English they are friendly enough. And, regardless, a surprsing number of Europeans, particularly younger people, do speak English.

The wife and I will be joined by Ann, who is the wife’s best friend, and the sister I never had. The three of us have gone to church together for 25 years and have traveled together to Scotland and Israel, on a Baltic cruise and European river cruise, and back to Israel. Ann is smart, funny, well-read, knowledgeable about history and a great conversationalist. She always makes a good vacation even better.

I will be tweeting and posting pics on @kingdomtweets throughout the day and blogging here daily.

Stay tuned. GS




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