Did Petraeus Betray Us?

The media on the left and right are in agreement. “General Petraeus is a great leader.”

Some have described his adulterous relationship as a “tragedy,” others “unfortunate,” but regardless of which word is used the message is the same: it’s too bad we have to lose a great man like Petraeus, and that he has to lose his career, over something like a little adultery.

In other words, it is General Petraeus and the American people who are the losers.

What no one is saying, and what no one ever seems to say when these things happen, is what a tragedy it is for the adulterer’s spouse. After all, she is the victim, not David Patraeus, not the American people and not Paula Broadwell.

Holly Patraeus has had her husband of 37 years betray her and publicly humiliate her; yet no one is talking about her. And let’s not forget Paula Broadwell’s husband.

I don’t know the details of the Petraus’ or the Broadwells’ marriage, and I don’t want to know, but neither does the media or the American people.

But based on what we do know, it shouldn’t be hard to identify the victim.

A little adultery goes a long way. Did not betray us? Probably. But primarily he betrayed his wife. GS

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