What I’m Reading

Leadership is essential to the progress of the kingdom of God.

And reading is essential to leading.

I used to read serially, that is, I wouldn’t start a new book until I finished the one I was reading. Not smart.

One of the secrets to reading quickly is reading with interest. When you read many books at once, it’s easier to pick up one you are interested in and make progress. You can always come back later to a book when your interest is piqued again on that subject.

With that in mind, here’s what’s currently on my bedside table–or more likely–on my iPad.

1.  The Kingdom of Jerusalem, Steven Runciman.

2.  Decision Points, George W. Bush.

3.  Younger Next Year, Chris Crosby & Henry S. Lodge, M.D.

4.  The Blood of the Moon, George Grant.

5.  The Innocents Abroad, Mark Twain.

6.  The Gospel According to Jesus, Chris Seay.

7.  Through the Brazilian Wilderness, Theodore Roosevelt.

8.  Typography for Lawyers, Matthew Butterick, J.D.

There is a method to the ostensible madness. If I were to summarize the genres above they would be: (1) History, (2) Leadership, (3) Health, (4) Christian, (5) Travel/Adventure, and (6) Law.

If there is any brain candy in the bunch it would probably be the travel/adventure books, but I can justify them by their authors–Twain and Roosevelt–and because I’ll be writing a ten day travel journal starting here in less than a week.

More on that tomorrow. GS


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